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Family hikes in Chilean Patagonia



Affordable Housing

  • Approved County and Collaborative plans to provide affordable housing


COVID Recovery

Applied ARPA dollars to high priority areas, including:

  • Housing/utility assistance to residents in need

  • Broadband to improve online education, commerce, and employment

  • Business loans to assist local businesses 



  • Improved process to fund our schools operational budget

  • Approved School Capital Needs Assessment to better guide school renovations


Behavioral Health

  • Served on the Board of Directors and Quality Improvement Committee of Alliance Health to improve care of Orange County residents with mental health, substance abuse, and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

  • Served on the Behavioral Health committee to develop a behavioral health diversion facility that will help county residents obtain appropriate care and avoid emergency departments and law enforcement.


Climate Action Plan

  • Adopted a Climate Action Plan to guide Orange County’s coordinated, multidisciplinary response to climate change.



  • Served on Transportation Planning Committee that created County Transportation Plan


Strategic Plan

  • Working collaboratively with fellow commissioners to develop a Strategic Plan to ensure our actions are aligned with our obligations and the needs of our county stakeholders


Committees on which I Served:

  • ABC Board

  • Alliance Health Board of Directors

  • Behavioral Health Taskforce

  • Burlington/Graham Metropolitan Planning Organization

  • Cooperative Extension Leadership Council

  • GoTriangle Tax Board

  • IDEAL Housing Action Committee

  • Intergovernmental Parks Workgroup

  • Justice Advisory Council

  • Juvenile Crime Prevention Council

  • Library Services Taskforce

  • Orange County Transportation Plan

  • Solid Waste Advisory Group

  • Triangle Area Rural Planning Organization

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