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During my first term as County Commissioner, I focused on equity, education, mental health, the environment, and a Strategic Plan that is responsive to our county residents. During my next term, I will advance these same priorities:


  • Integrate diversity and equity into all board decisions and county operations

  • Affordable housing and public transit

  • Master Aging Plan to address needs of aging residents

  • Support for disabled residents 

  • Provide mental health programs and substance use prevention and treatment

  •  Juvenile Crime Prevention Council and Justice Reform


  • Adequately fund operational needs for both school districts 

  • Coordinated plan for school and county capital funding

  • Replace school buses with electric as the need arises

  • Support funding for mental health resources in the schools


  • Support implementing our new Climate Action Plan which is integrated into all county operations and capital planning

  • Prioritize bike lanes, sidewalks, and connecting parks, shops, residents

  • Align transportation planning to minimize impact on environment

  • Winterizing/renovating homes supporting those in need

  • Employ social justice lens to all decisions


  • Create jobs for residents that include healthcare/benefits/living wage

  • Attract clean and sustainable businesses (e.g. low environmental impact) 

  • Retain local businesses as they grow



  • Implement Strategic Plan with goal to best serve Orange County residents

  • Fiscally responsible stewardship of funds

  • Collaborate with schools and local town leaders

  • Receptive to community input

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